The EUROPEAN AIDS SUPPORT team is available to answer questions concerning HIV and Aids, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The virus hotline is a prevention project with the goal of providing the public with accurate information and helping to reduce prejudice and uncertainties regarding these topics.

Our goal is to answer your questions as quickly as possible. (Nevertheless there may be delays over long holiday weekends or during vacation seasons such as in the summer, so that you may have to be patient during this time.) Furthermore, we can only take on one or two requests per user each week. If you have more requests, you may have to wait.

Questions, doubts and fears may also arise in connection with situations which essentially pose no real risk. In this situation we can help by getting the facts straight. However, Dr. Leo Lust is not a psychotherapeutic hotline. We cannot provide therapy for the treatment of irrational fears which persist despite competent factual information. We therefore reserve the right to not answer certain queries, and accordingly refer you to other advisory services. Only then can we ensure that the virus hotline can fulfil its actual task of providing answers to open questions regarding sexual health.

We also reserve the right to delete requests without comment if they have, for example, already been answered in the FAQs section.

The virus hotline is a service provided by the Aidshilfe Salzburg.

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